Vera Forma Leatherworks

"Vera Forma" Solid EDC Pens - Only 10 Brass Available (Locally Made)


5 of each Brass Prototypes Available

Made from my new favorite material 464 Naval Brass. This material is incredible. It is very tough, hard to scratch, tarnish little and slowly builds up a patina, leading to an incredible appearance. 

The Smooth Version Prototype:

Decent heft to the body enough to make the pen feel substantial but not overly heavy in the pocket. Clean machined finishes straight off of the machines, made one at a time and great attention is paid to the tolerances and surface finishes. The Smooth Version is 5-1/2" (140mm) long and 0.36" (9.1mm) in diameter. 39g (1.38oz) in weight. Super durable triple start screw mechanism.

Rollerball style refills fit very snug in the tip leaving no room for the refill to click around in the pen. Comes with a very smooth writing Pilot G2 style metal body Schmidt 5888.

The Detailed/Grooved Version Prototype:

This pen is heavier and feels substantial. Great weight means you have to use very little pressure to write. Even weight distribution with excellent finish on the tube with slight texture from the machining lines.

Brass will weather against harder materials you can keep it fresh or let it wear. Brass will also tarnish or patina over time you can use polish and a waxy oil to keep it fresh or let it patina and create its own character. Twist mechanism with triple start screw thread is super simple and reliable. Parker refills fit very snug in the tip leaving no room for the refill to click around in the pen. Comes with a very smooth writing Parker style Schmidt P9000 EasyFlow. I will stand by every pen, let me know if you ever have any issues and I will get them fixed. Precision machined all metal pen  made one at a time here locally.

SOLID CLIPS: Brass, Copper, Aluminum

Machined metal clip, using solid materials and made in six stages. The clip is attached by a set screw with a soft tip that won't mar the top piece and it's removable.

*The copper is not a springy material - if you have to bend the clip then you have to bend it back - it does not spring back. If you want to use the clip on thicker materials/fabrics, order the brass or aluminum.

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