Vera Forma Leatherworks

Leather Backpack / Sling Bag - Every Day Carry Bag


A rugged over - the - shoulder bag perfect for day outings. "Engineers Sling Bag" Made from 100% natural veg tan leather. Upon Request, the sling can be turned into two straps to make it into a traditional backpack.

I small pocket  inside for your cards, wallet & smaller items. The copper, steampunk accessories can be installed or left out, but must be specified right after purchase at time of consult.

Dimensions are roughly 11 inches deep and tapers from 8.5 inches across at the bottom to 6 inches at the top. Roughly 4 inches thick.

*Hand cut, in some cases dyed by us, finished, and hand stitched, all here in the shop.

**Different Colours available upon Purchase. Customer will receive a free Consultation in other to determine their style and to make the bag unique to them.

Lead Time: 4 to 5 weeks plus Shipping Time.

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