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Reservation - Commodore Coin 1.1 - Numbered Antique Silver Coin #1-50 (Reservation Price)


The Commodore Challenge Coin in Antique Silver!

***This is a Reservation Only! During the Checkout, please write a note which number you would prefer! Pick more than one, as it will be First Come, First Serve!

This time even more LIMITED, as per your request! 50 only were made, Numbered and in Antique Silver!

They all come in it's own custom Walnut Wood Box with a Magnetic Closure (The boxes look great in pictures, as props or simply great ways to display your Coins)

Your  Reservation Fee will be applied towards the Coin Purchase Price at the time of the Official Drop! Last time we had the free Google Form Reservations, and due to a few people backing out of their commitments, I decided to go this way in order to allow the spot for those that really want it.

Final Coin Price has not been determined yet, but due to the many request for more unique and different packaging, the price will be slightly higher than last time. As of right now, it stands to be around the $60 - $65 USD mark!


"Let the Patina Tell Your Story!"

Few Last Remaining Coin-Odore Wallets available at the discounted rate. $5 reserve and discount code is emailed or sent via DM for purchase on Amazon.

*NOTE: The "Coin-Odore" Commodore Coin Slip Wallet is discounted and available only at the discounted price of $25 - if purchased with a minimum of 1 Coin! All individual Coin Slip Wallet Orders will be Canceled! Otherwise Available on Amazon at Full Price. 

*NOTE: You have the options to purchase via Apple Pay or Click on "More Payment Options" to purchase via PayPal or various Credit Cards!



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