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Commodore Challenge-Coin V1.3 - Antique Gold - Coming Soon



They are being as we speak and official drop and shipping is early to mid December! 

The Commodore Challenge Coin in Antique Gold - The Farewell to this design. The change in this one is that the year 2021 was added to the dragon side in Roman numerals. MM XXI

Price will be the same as before, $60+ shipping and it will come with the Walnut Magnetic Box.

Write in the comments when you go to payment info which number you would prefer. They are 1-200. List a few as it will be first come first serve.

This is the last Commodore Coin before the V2 comes out next Year.


"Let the Patina Tell Your Story!"

*NOTE: You have the options to purchase via Apple Pay or Click on "More Payment Options" to purchase via PayPal or various Credit Cards!


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