Vera Forma Leatherworks

Commodore Challenge-Coins: Antique Silver & Black Nickel (Limited & Numbered 1-50 for each Style)


The Commodore Challenge Coin in Antique Silver & Black Nickel!

This time even more LIMITED, as per your request! 50 only were made, Numbered - Exclusive - Never to Come Back!

Each of the coins comes in custom packaging that is a great picture prop or just simply display it with pride. (I've also been told that the "package" is a great fidget toy in itself!

"Let the Patina Tell Your Story!"

The Original Commodore Wallet is discounted and available at the lower price of $30 during the week of the  Coin Drop.

*NOTE: You have the options to purchase via Apple Pay or Click on "More Payment Options" to purchase via PayPal or various Credit Cards!


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