Who and What is Vera Forma?

My name is V and I am the face and co-founder of Vera Forma Leatherworks. Yes, co-founder. Now, while you may not ever (never say never) see the other half, I assure you he is real, just prefers to stay behind the scenes. Now, that being said, it does not mean that I want to be in front of the camera. I too, prefer to be behind it, but after so many of you insisted for a YouTube Channel and other media that includes me, I had to comply. So, we are in for the long haul.

Back to the “other” guy. He is the force that takes over once I come up with the designs and/or construct the handmade & bespoke products of our business. 

However, it wasn’t always like this. We both did have a life before leather. Many interests, many fields and now, this is the chapter. It was all leading to this. 

Going back, I grew up in Europe, Bosnia to be exact. But, when I was only 5 years old, in the early 90's, there was unrest and a war erupted. These were some of the most harsh and testing times in my life. Thankfully I was able to leave the country with my mother and sister, moving and experiencing Europe, observing and learning. Throughout all those hard times, I never lost the will to learn and absorb everything in my path. It even drove and sustained me, as it was the one thing I could always rely upon. 

Right there and then, it became apparent that Math, Science, Architecture & Design were my first loves, and this would stay with me, right to this day.

So, back to Vera Forma and its' meaning of “True Form” or “True Design” in Italian, and at its' core is a Geometrical Concept used in Mathematics. But, you might be wondering what this has to do with leather products. Well, time and time again we were and still are disappointed by the quality of the items in our daily lives, that we simply could not ignore this feeling any more. We had to act. A desire emerged for stunning, yet  functional products. Time-enduring products, made by hand, made right here in North America, by people like you and me and not in large production factories, halfway across the globe. The nostalgic desire to make the products we grew up with admiring is still driving us today. It drives us to strive to make items that will last and be handed down to our children. Products they would be happy and honored to receive. 

This is how Vera Forma Leatherworks came to be. The meaning of the name in itself outlines our Vision & our Mission Statement as well as guides our everyday decisions.  “True Design”  -  “True Form & Shape” and the “True Quality” of each of our products are rooted deep in our brand’s and our own DNA. So, take a look, enjoy, stay a while, and join us for the "Journey". Become part of our Growth and Identity, because without YOU, our valued client, we would not be where we are today. Thank you for the continued Trust and Support.




Thank you,

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