Our 100 Year Warranty!

Why do We offer a 100 Year Warranty?

Most of you, including myself, would ask: "How is this different from the Lifetime Warranties offered by all these “fly by night” companies?"

Well, for starters; “A limited lifetime warranty means that a manufacturer is contractually obligated to replace parts of a product that break or are defective over the life of the product.” (Wikipedia) That being said, a life of a product is clearly defined by law, depending on the category, but usually does not exceed 1 to 20 years max.

So, what is the difference? What does it mean, for you and your pocket, to acquire a Vera Forma Full Grain Wallet, Bag, Belt or any of our products that are backed by "The 100 Year Warranty?" The difference is in the real, full grain leathers we use. The leathers we choose, result in a strong, durable, unique and long lasting  product. Our products won’t ever crack, break or stretch excessively, it's only the "genuine leather or fake leather" products that do that. (More about that in a different post)

It simply means that we know and control what we make and what leaves our shops. We design, cut, colour, mold, hammer and/or stitch them all by hand. All of them are inspected for the strength, look, quality & durability. Those are the things that we strive for. Each item is made as if it was made for us. I keep every product, for myself. The #1 in the product line, is always kept for me or my biz partner. This way I walk the talk and can see it firsthand how it ages and behaves as it ages. 

We manufacture our items in two places only. No, neither of them are China or India or...! The items are manufactured by me in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada & by my Business Partner and his staff in the USA. 

So, once again you ask, what does this all have to do with the Warranty and what does it really mean? Get to it already!  These questions will be answered, but you will truly know it once you hold it. Once you hold our product, touch it, smell it and feel the rich full grain leathers; the quality thread (Ritza Tiger - one of the strongest and best in the world); once you feel the rivets and hardware; once you feel the “American Brass and Steel” - It will all become clear as day. Every single product contains the highest quality leathers from the greatest USA Tanneries such as the Horween Tannery in Chicago (look them up - official NFL and NBA supplier), or S&B Foot (think RedWing Boots). Our hardware such as the rivets, the “Chicago Screws”, buckles and zippers are all sourced in the USA making it truly a product deserving the old, time tested label of “Made in USA” or Made in Canada.

This all means that our products will stand the test of time, they will endure, and will live long enough for you to pass them on to your children, who still will be covered by “The 100 Year Vera Forma Warranty.”

If you still have your doubts, read more in the “About Us” section and our other blog posts, and it will become clear who and what we are and what we are trying to achieve. Vera Forma, meaning True Form or True Design, was born out of the desire for great, time enduring products, made by hand, made right here, by people like you and me, and not in automated, mass production factories halfway across the globe. The desire to make the products we grew up with admiring, loving, wanting. The products that one simply has a really hard time procuring in todays day and age.

The tradition and skill of leatherwork is dying and if we all don’t do our part to support each other, then we forfeit the right to complain when we lose the choice to purchase between handmade here at home versus made under the “Fast Fashion” label, made cheaply and dangerously (for us and them) in 3rd world countries. However, more about this in other posts. Back to The Warranty. I know, I'm ranting, but don't you what to be educated? Don't you want to know the history of the product you are about to purchase? The reason behind it all? Because, trust me, when you pull out that wallet, belt or bag, or anything as a matter of fact, YOU will be noticed! You will be asked! You will be bothered by others wanting to know what it is exactly that you have there, in your hand.

When you purchase from us, you purchase more than a product. You are purchasing a brand, tradition, longevity and in a way, you are purchasing  an investment. It only gets better and better as it ages (kind of like wine). It develops the Patina unique to you, making it truly one of a kind. If you want to know more about Patina, click here for more information.

Most items are done on a per-order basis and are built to last. However, after countless requests for our products at a slightly lower price point, the idea for items exclusively made for our Amazon Store was born. Those are still made by hand, but their designs, materials and methods have been streamlined, which allows us to still offer handmade quality products, but at a price more affordable for our entry level models. Nevertheless, if it has our brand on it, it’s covered by "The 100 Year Warranty."

So, if ever, you have an issue due to a material defect or defective craftsmanship, then under The 100 Year Warranty, get in touch with us & we will fix it, repair it, remake it or refund it. 

A normal amount of wear and tear is expected on parts such as stitching, but if it’s abnormal (but not abused), we will determine and possibly cover the stitching as well. All leathers stretch a bit and that is normal. Curvature in belts for example is not a bad thing. It forms around the individual, because if it didn’t, it would be uncomfortable. (Read more about belts on our other post) 

Custom orders taken on are built to be as durable as possible. However because of the nature of custom requests suiting the customer, we cannot guarantee them the same way that the regular items in our shop are. But, contact us and we will figure it out.

To Sum it Up. I Promise, it's coming to an end. But Hey, I'm not making you read it all, you are here of your own free will.

The 100 Year Warranty Applies to all Full Grain Leather Items by Vera Forma Leatherworks. It is specific to the craftsmanship of the product and material defects. It covers the product under the specific and intended wear and use. It does not cover improper use such as; loss, improper care and washing, abuse and wear and tear. (Wear and Tear is not bad, it’s like a broken-in pair of jeans, it just simply fits and looks better, so why would that be a defect). The warranty assumes that you took care of the  products, either with Vera Formas leather care products, or with the equivalent, to keep the leather in good shape. Improper storage and mould are not covered. We can help remedy it, but it’s not covered. To Claim the Warranty, all you have to do is get in touch with us, explain, possibly send a picture and then be responsible for the cost of shipping to and from our workshop. Other than that, let us take care of it. Now, you might ask why do I have to pay for the shipping? We ask you to keep in mind, that we are a smaller outfit and that when we did offer free shipping in these cases, people took advantage of us, which over the long run, would ruin us and prevent us from offering our services and this Awesome Warranty!

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